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To our staff and offices, we're like family. Spring & Sprout is a different type of dental support organization. We place heavy emphasis on support. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with us. We've built a culture of trust and collaboration that allows our clinical teams to operate and thrive within their offices and local communities. Like private practice but with a lot more resources.

Approximately 80% of traditional associate relationships fail. It's why we've built our partnership model based on trust and a longterm commitment to personal relationships. You've established a practice and reputation that you're transitioning. Our goal is to celebrate and enhance that business with you.

– Gerry Samson, DDS

How We Help You

We provide the support you need and a partner you can count on. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the partnership we create is specific to each individual office. Spring & Sprout embraces the culture of the office and provides a level of support that allows each office to focus on their patients.

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To our patients, we're a network of Pediatric and Orthodontic dental offices and a trusted resource for parents looking to provide their children with great dental care. From birth to braces, our network of specialists are committed to giving children healthy smiles and great dentistry. For more information about our offices, please visit www.springandsprout.com.

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