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Are you looking to transition your pediatric dental or orthodontic practice? A partnership with Spring & Sprout allows you to monetize the hard work you’ve done to build your practice while continuing to do what you love – seeing the patient-base you’ve built without the headaches of running the entire business by yourself.

Daniel German, DDS


Transitioned German Orthodontics in 2016

Danae Willenburg, DMD, MS

Pediatric Dentist

Joined the S&S Team in 2015

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Founder & Chief Development Officer

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Why should I sell my practice to Spring & Sprout instead of hiring an associate who will buy my practice in a couple of years?

Over 70% of associate-to-buyout relationships fail before the buyout actually occurs. As doctors are looking to transition their practice, they are finding fewer buyers due to several factors including the decrease in size of dental classes over the last 20 years and rapidly increasing tuition rates. New dentists are looking for more work/life balance and prefer to not own their own practice. Average student loan debt for new graduates has increased to over $200,000 – even more as a specialist. The cost to keep up with technology and the restricted lending environment is another major factor.

Why should I sell now instead of waiting a few more years?

As we live in an uncertain world (changes in health, economic conditions, competition) choosing to sell now allows you to monetize your practice at a set price and secure your future. By partnering with Spring & Sprout you have the opportunity to continue working for as long as you want while focusing solely on treating patients.